Does the Foundation accept unsolicited grant proposals?

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. It extends formal invitations for grants and then works closely with the grant applicant on preparing a proposal for the Board’s review and consideration.

I spoke with one of the Foundation’s Directors who suggested that I apply to the Foundation. Should I submit an application if I am asked by a Director to do so?

The Directors depend on the Foundation’s professional staff to manage the grant making process. Please contact the Foundation if you have had a discussion with one of the Directors and a Foundation professional will respond to you.

If an organization is invited to apply, how does it get started?

First, please read the Foundation’s History and Principles, Donor Philosophy and Grant Process. You will find the answer to most of your questions there.

Once you are invited to apply, you will receive a link to our online application. Complete the application, including by attaching the documents specified on the last page of the application. For the attachments, please attach documents in Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) formats. Please note that you must “Upload” each document separately to properly attach the documents to your application.

As you are filling out the online application, we suggest saving regularly during the process. There is a button at the bottom of each page in the application permitting you to save, and we will see your application only after you click the “submit” button.

When you choose “Save,” you will be prompted to set up a user account and a password. You (and any of your colleagues working on the application) will need this user name and password to return to your partially completed application. After you set up an account, you will receive an automated email with a link to your account. You also may stop working on your application before it is complete and return to it at a later time (using the username and password). Once an application is submitted, you cannot add, modify or delete the application or any part of it through the online system. If you find that you need to make an important change to an application after you have submitted it, please contact the Foundation directly.

How does an organization know that its application was received?

The Foundation sends electronic receipts for all online applications.

Does the Foundation staff conduct site visits?

There is no requirement that the Foundation staff conduct a site visit during the application process. Site visits are conducted on a case-by-case basis.

How much money should an organization request?

Organizations should first consider its overall budget, how much money the program/project requires and then consider the appropriate grant request from the Foundation. In the course of its due diligence, the Foundation will ask about other confirmed and pending sources of support and plans to continue to fund the project once the Foundation’s support has ended.

If an organization currently has a grant from the Foundation, when can an organization reapply for a new grant?

If you are a current grantee, you can reapply for a new grant concurrent with the expiration of your current grant. However, in order to be eligible to receive a new grant, all of the reporting requirements of the expiring grant, including the submission of the final report, must be complied with to the satisfaction of Foundation staff.

If an organization is simply applying for renewed funding for an existing program/project, does the organization need to submit a new application?

This determination is made on a case-by-case basis by Foundation staff. If renewed funding is awarded, the organization will, however, be required to enter into either a new grant agreement or an addendum to the existing grant agreement in order to receive funding.

Does the Foundation fund operating expenses?

While the overall philosophy of the Foundation is to fund strategic new and/or scalable initiatives, the Foundation does fund operating expenses if an organization’s mission closely aligns with the mission of the Foundation.

Does the Foundation have a special process for reviewing “small” grants?

No. The Foundation has no formal small grants program. The Foundation uses a similar structure and process for all grant inquiries.