Our Jewish philanthropy seeks to ensure the following:

Dedication to Israel

To protect and respond to the compelling needs of the Jewish State of Israel by funding programs that (i) support Israel, either directly or indirectly through grantees who run programs in Israel, (ii) inspire efforts that strengthen the unity and the mission of Israel, (iii) actively educate people about Israel’s rich history and promote the overwhelming contribution that Israel has made, and continues to make, to the global population, and (iv) vigorously advocate for Israel’s rights as a nation and respond to malicious and anti-Semitic assaults against Israel or its people.

Perpetuation of the Jewish “Peoplehood”

To help protect and strengthen Jewish identity by supporting efforts that:  (i) promote the continuity and growth of the Jewish people, (ii) fortify the sense of “Jewish peoplehood,” (iii) preserve and encourage the celebration of Jewish traditions and faith, and (iv) ensure the overall survival and growth of Jewish life and culture in the modern world.

Social Welfare

To support Jews domestically and internationally who are in need of help with an emphasis, where possible, on helping Jews become more self-sufficient.

Miscellaneous Philanthropy

A small pool of funds is available to support efforts in the Jewish community that do not fall into the above listed categories, inducing, but not limited to, Holocaust education, support of a family member’s synagogue, etc.