Support is focused on education and training programs that encourage people to become the best they are capable of being.


Support is focused on medical problems or issues experienced by members of the family of Jack Miller, but support may be given to other medical initiatives as the Board deems important or relevant. Grants are limited to medical research, treatment methods and advocacy. Further, medical research and treatment grants shall only be awarded to recognized hospitals or research institutions that are ranked in the top 25% of the state regional or the national regional hospitals, as announced from year to year by U.S. News and World Report Hospital Rankings and Ratings or other reputable sources.


Support is focused on organizations and institutions that foster and create culturally vibrant communities in those geographic regions where the members of the family of Jack Miller live.


Support of bricks and mortar initiatives in the Other Initiatives is limited and made under very special circumstances.

Support will be to organizations in the Chicago metropolitan area and Palm Beach County, Florida.  Support may also be given to organizations in other geographic regions, however, so long as those organizations have national impact.  National impact is defined as organizations that either do not serve specific geographic communities or that serve more than one such community.